Outlook Replaces Hotmail

Hotmail.com was officially acquired by Microsoft in the year 1997and will switch to a newer version i.e. outlook.com.Outlook.com has officially replaced Hotmail.com keeping other things same. This means that a user can now experience a new version of hotmail but not changing the information such as hotmail email address, username and passwords, contacts and message folders etc. Officials of outlook.com has stated that user will not experience any sort of service disruption after the replacement.

Software giants has stated that over 60 million users are actively using outlook.com immediately after the replacement. Microsoft launched two ad campaigns showcasing the recent Outlook’s features where user can have a quick overview of bulk message deletion etc. After the replacement Outlook was also given a name as NewMail and now has changed the overall design by keeping it minimalistic and eye catching color and fonts likewise.Here are some of Outlook’s features that you might want to know:
Windows Messenger:- With this new invention, you can get the chat window open simply by clicking on the speech balloon that is on the top right.
Composing a Message:- Composing a message in outlook is quite easy. When you want to create a new message a list of contact you email the most appears including their facebook photos.