What Happened to the Hotmail Sign In?

What Happened to the Hotmail Sign In?

Microsoft finally cut Hotmail loose after years of stagnant growth. The Hotmail sign in was once a prized asset in the online world. However, competition and the growing universe of web tools and social media have rendered it less relevant. So Microsoft has ditched Hotmail sign in in favor of Outlook.com which promises a cleaner, more robust user interface and integration with the major social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Realistically this is Microsoft’s admission that Google is winning the email inbox race with their excellent Gmail product. It is about competing in this incredibly important sector of the World Wide Web.

When Hotmail was introduced in 1996 it was considered a revolutionary product. People could now secure an email address that was personal, not tied to their business or school. It opened up a whole new channel of private conversations (as well as a fertile new playground for spammers). It was Microsoft who scrambled to create advanced spam filters that helped millions of people manage their inbox without having to wee through all the crap. If it wasn’t for those anti-spam effort Hotmail may have faded away sooner.

The other major limitation of web-based email was the size of the free storage. People soon discovered that email attachments, pictures and other files quickly ate up their free storage allotment and they were forced to purchase additional space or abandon Hotmail. I think all of us can remember the frustration of maxing out our inbox and then spending hours deleting emails to make more room!

Eight years after Hotmail was introduced, Google dropped Gmail on the Web and things rapidly changed.  For starters they offered 2 GB of free space which was huge at the time.  Remember, this was before the onset of video. Gmail attracted users in droves because of their storage space, user-friendly interface and advanced filtering tools that added Outlook-type tools to the web.

Microsoft has obviously seen enough and is efforting to regain their foothold in the webmail market. Wisely, they have chosen to leverage the incredible strength of their desktop email client to achieve this. Outlook.com looks to be a game-changer and the product that can finally compete with Gmail for the online inbox. The Hotmail sign leaves a great legacy but ultimately Outlook will determine the future of email as it always has.

Outlook.com will provide the following features and improvements for the Hotmail sign in crowd:

Outlook.com works in the cloud and will allow users to access their email anywhere on any device. It also comes with SkyDrive which is Microsoft’s Dropbox. SkyDrive allows for massive amounts of free storage of documents, images, videos and more.  With SkyDrive there is no longer a concern about attachment size!

Microsoft has made their Office suite of products available as web apps. Word and Excel documents can be accessed and edited from the inbox!

The Outlook.com interface is improved and looks a bit like Gmail. However, Outlook.com is cleaner and more focused on email and gives you around 25% more information on the main screen.

Outlook.com will give users complete integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is believed to be the first email platform to offer this integration.

This is just the latest battle between the two behemoths of the Internet, Google and Microsoft. It remains to be seen who will win, but my money is on the company that revolutionized the internet, not the one who is racing to catch up.

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