MSN Hotmail Sign In

An MSN Hotmail Sign In used to be quite the status symbol! For years Hotmail was the most popular web-based email program in the world. Before Gmail, it was Hotmail where everyone went for their free email address. It was very easy to get a Hotmail sign in and it also served as a somewhat anonymous address. Think of it as the early cloud-based computing. Each user was given a large quantity of free space and could manage their emails from anywhere. Hotmail revolutionized the email game.

But as with most successful products, competition popped up and began offering bigger and better solutions. Gmail was the real killer and replaced the Hotmail sign in as the address of choice. As more and more users migrated to a Gmail sign in because of its integration with the Google suite of products, Hotmail began to see a decrease in usage. Gmail offered more space, better management tools and a sleek user interface that attracted millions. Once Gmail was fully integrated with Google Docs, Google Accounts and Google Circles, the die was cast.  Hotmail faded into the background and it was a Gmail sign in that everyone wanted.

Microsoft has recovered well and decided to kill off Hotmail in favor of the new web-based Outlook. Most Hotmail users have transferred over to a Microsoft Live account and now use Outlook exclusively since it is almost identical to the desktop version that has long dominated the email space. Those with a Hotmail sign in are able to easily transfer all of their email data over to their Outlook account using readily available tools that we will show you here.

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