How to set Hotmail account on Iphone

Nowadays, all the smartphone has come up with something new and give extra amazing features to you. As we all know that hotmail is currently known as outlook but there are still some people who don’t know about hotmail being outlook and they seem more confusing setting up these kinds of account. And hence we are here to help you out. In this article we are going to teach you about How to set Hotmail account on Iphone. If you are techno person then please avoid these articles and keep on digging for fun materials.

The first thing you should do before knowing about how to set hotmail account on Iphone is to purchase Iphone. Without iphone these instructions and steps is of no use. So here are the steps.

Unlock your Iphone, Go to the settings from your home screen, go to the Mail > Contacts> Calendars>Add account. You can see the below image and click on it.

You might another option or name for the, it might say, MSN account or Live account. Don’t be confused it’s all the same. Just click on it.

Now, fill up all the information like your hotmail or outlook email address, password which is associated with that account, and Description (i.e. Outlook). Now click on the next.

After you have done next, there will show you the option of syncing your contact, calendars, reminders and everything that comes in outlook, if you want to sync with your phone then you can do that otherwise just click on “save”.

You can select how would you like your Iphone to perform task or how often your mail to be sync, there are lot’s of option you can choose from that and your good to go.

It’s kind of pretty straight forward to know how to set hotmail account on Iphone. If you have any confusion then please let me know through your comments and views.

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