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Hotmail Sign in has recently been changed to and is now a product of Microsoft Corporation. So, all the old Hotmail users will be able to access their Hotmail account by logging into If you want to create a Hotmail account which has the option in your username, then you can create the same by logging into the website. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy the latest features offered by Outlook through your Hotmail account. If you are looking for a guide that will help you to sign in to your hotmail account without any hassles, then you need to read the sign in process discussed below.

Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail Log In Option 
To login hotmail account, you will have to open a new web browser and type as the web address and press ‘enter’ button. You will be directed to the home page. This is the sign in page for any of the Microsoft accounts you are holding. You will find two blank boxes on the sign in page of Outlook. In the first type box, you are needed to enter your username or hotmail email id that will have a name followed by option. Type it clearly and correctly in the first blank box that you see on the screen. Next, you will need to enter the password that you used to create your Hotmail account in the second type box under the username box. Make sure you enter the password exactly the same that you used when creating the account. This is case sensitive and hence a small change in any of the characters of your password will prevent you from entering your Hotmail inbox. Once both the blank boxes are filled correctly, you need to click on the sign in option and you will be automatically directed to your Hotmail inbox. Now, you can check your mails or even compose a new mail and send to your friends, family members and other contacts.

Keep Me Signed In Option

If you are going to access your hotmail email account with a single computer, then you can skip entering your password every single time you want to access your inbox. To do so, you will need to visit your Hotmail sign in page. Type the username and the password for your Hotmail account as before and then you need to opt for the ‘keep me signed in’ option that you see just below the password type box. Once done, you have to click on sign in to enter into your Hotmail account. From now on, you will not need to enter your username while signing in to your Hotmail account. All you got to do is to type the option on your web browser and you will be instantly taken to your sign in page with the username or email id already in place. Just type the password and click on sign in option to access your Hotmail inbox. If you use a different computer, then you will have to enter both your username and password to access your Hotmail inbox.

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