Hotmail Login -

Hotmail service was acquired by Microsoft and the name was changed to The hotmail account has to be now accessed through the account. You can use the hotmail login details to login to outlook account and to access your inbox. Knowing the process of hotmail login will make it simple and safe to log in to your account.
Hotmail Login -

Automatic Transition From Hotmail To Outlook

You can go to the official hotmail site at to do the login. You will have to enter your email address in the first box provided in the login interface and your password in the second box.  You can click on the “keep me logged in” option if you are using your PC to login. This will prevent the need to enter the login details again and again when you want to access the account.  You will be directed to the inbox automatically when you reach the hotmail page to login. Since, Hotmail has changed into Outlook, Microsoft will automatically make the transition from Hotmail account in to Outlook account.

Login Using Outlook Website

You can also directly go to the official outlook website to login and use the account. Launch the outlook website and go to the login interface page. You will see the “sign up now” option at the bottom of the page. You will be able to login using the windows PC login details, or Xbox Live or OneDrive log in details. If you do not have all these you can do the login by creating a new account.

Creating Account

To create an outlook account, click on “create an account” option. You will reach “create an account” page. Enter the needed personal information in the blank boxes provided on this page. You will have to enter your name, enter a username and password for your hotmail or outlook account.  You need to create a strong password as it is the key to access your account. The password should contain minimum 8 characters and should include alphabets and numbers. You need to enter your password once again confirm the password. Finally, choose your country from which you will be accessing the account. You will also need to enter the postal code of your country, date of birth, and gender. Enter your phone number with country code and provide an alternative email address. Re-enter the characters given in the next box to ensure that robots are not creating the account. Finally click on “create an account” box at the bottom.

Hotmail Login

Start Using Your Account

Once you will have the account set up, you will be able to access the different features offered by Microsoft. You will be able to use files like Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. You can activate the 2-step verification to make your account secure. You will have to use the code sent to your alternative email address to sign in hotmail to your hotmail account. You will be able to link Skype and other social sites to your hotmail or outlook account.

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